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Veterinary Station " Fauna " in Gjilan.

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Veterinary Station " Fauna " in Gjilan.

The Veterinary Station “Fauna " conducts all veterinary health services for all kinds of animals in the municipality of Gjilan.


The Veterinary Station Fauna is a well organized body as part of the Agro Group “Fauna.” It has been registered within the Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency (AUVK), obtaining a license Nb. 049/06 on July 22, 2006. The seat of the station is located in Gjilan, in Vashingtonit 65. Str. 

We provide professional services and therefore we have employed three Vets and 3 technicians of veterinary.

Main activities of the Veterinary station are:   


- Curing of sick animals,

- Vaccination,

- Dehelmintization (treatment to kill parasites),

- Diagnostic researches,

- Artificial Insemination of cows etc.

Our Veterinary Station has a contract with AUVK to conduct research, fighting, prevention and eradication of various deceases in the municipality of Gjilan:

- Vaccination against anthrax, 

- Vaccination of sheep against brucellosis, 

- Diagnostic researches,

- Mastitis test and  

- Identification and registering of cattle and sheep in the Gjilani region


Our Veterinary service is very fast when needed in the field. It is a mobile service with vehicles supplied with all necessary equipments and medicaments in case of any intervention and always ready to help.

You can just dial a phone number 0280 321 762 or a mobile phone number 044 99 17 97, and you will get the service as quickly as possible.

Our Veterinary Station has contracts signed for offering professional check outs to some farms from the municipality of Gjilan such as:

- ‘Vali Ranch’ – Perlepnica village

- ‘Moea’  - Kravarica village

- 'Endi & Mendi 09' sheep farm in Nasala village   



We are open from 08:00 to 17:00  

Tutelage 17:00 from 21:00      

Emergency cases from 21.00 up to 08.00, the vet in tutelage will respond on tel. 044 99 17 97, while,

On Sunday 08.00 - 15:00 




For any remarks, disappointment, suggestion please write to us on:

stacioniveterinar@fauna-ks.com or


Best regards:

Dr. Driton Zeqiri

Chief of Department

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